Chapter 99

Xu Wei nodded his head, he opened the map of the two Zhejiang provinces, then invited Lu Yi to take a look.

“Lu Daren should have known, Japanese pirates have appeared along the coast for a while now and there hasn’t been any major disturbance, these troubles only started stirring up recently and behind them, there are two supporters. One of them is Xu Hai. Last year, we managed to subdue him by setting traps, afterward, he ended up drowning himself in the sea; the other person is Wang Zhi.”

“Wang Zhi and Xu Hai are not the same. Wang Zhi has been at sea for several years, given the honorary titles of his people as the master of the sea, he gathers every power he has and cooperates with his people.” Xu Wei’s finger pointed to several locations on the map, “Thc cooperation between these joint forces was mostly Japanese, followed by fishermen, Spanish and Portugese. When Wang Zhi was around, he could make them submit to him, once Wang Zhi was killed, they went out of control and things got out of hand.”

“General Hu and I have been dragged deeply into this, and all we could do is try to gain control of Wang Zhi while he’s on the mainland, using his authority to subdued his people, yet….”

Speaking to this point, Xu Wei let out a long sigh, then continued: “ When everything was working out, Wang Yushi, an official in the Palace, made a stubborn move and put Wang Zhi in jail, after which this incident occurred. Everything that happens afterward, you should already know….”

Everything that happens after that, of course Lu Yi knows: Wang Zhi was arrested, the palace court immediately wanted to to kill him, but only Hu Zongxian wrote a letter to request not behead Wang Zhi, instead let him gain control and take care of the pirates, which nobody agrees with him and because of this, Lu Yi was order to come here and investigate the two Zhejiang Provinces. 

Now, he suddenly remembers Wang Zhi’s words before he died – ‘Killing me alone is meaningless, it will make the people of two provinces suffer. After I die, there will be a riot for ten years!”

After listening to his explanation, everything matched up. For now, Lu Yi knows for fact that Hu Zongxian had not lied to him. 

“Let Xia Zheng be sent to Mao Haifeng, was it Wang Zhi’s request?” Lu Yi asked. 

As soon as Xia Zheng was brought up, the name painfully pierced Hu Zongxian’s heart, he closed his eyes and helplessly nodded his head: “…..I hurt my child.”

Xu Wei said loudly: “Wang Zhi’s heart was full of suspicion, General Hu agreed with him, in order to gain his trust. Xia Zheng was sacrificed, if it weren’t for the stupid Wang Yusi, none of this would happen! He wasted all of General Hu’s hard work!”

Lu Yi lowered his head and looked at the map, after being silent for a while, then said: “I want to visit the battlefield, is that possible?”

Hu Zongxian was still trying to guess what he meant, but Xu Wei understood right away. 

“Lu Daren intends to learn more about the war situation, then report to his majesty?”

“Exactly, even though General Hu had built up power to control the pirates over the years, but without solid evidence, in court, I’m afraid nobody will be on your side.” Lu Yi said, “You also need to provide a complete report on your part.” 

Hu Zongxian nodded his head: “It’s not that hard, also my subordinate Yu Dayou is at Cengang, dealing with Mao Haifend. If you want to learn amore, you can meet him at Cengang, when are you planning to leave?”

“As soon as possible.”

“Tomorrow morning, I will send someone to take you there.”

“Very good. Thank you, General Hu.”

Hu Zongxian still looked heavy-hearted: “It’s really hard to have someone, who works fairly as you Yan Yuan. I am very grateful but I’m worried about….In the Capital, the palace court officials won’t stop just like that and I don’t have anyone who can back me up anymore, I’m afraid the Emperor won’t listen to my words.”

Lu Yi chuckled: “General Hu’s words aren’t wrong. If your majesty had believed what you said, none of this would’ve happened and I wouldn’t be here to investigate.” 

“A bird can’t sing by itself. In court, if no one is by yourself, you won’t get anything going.” 

Lu Yi’s smile remained on his face: “What do you mean by this General Hu?”

“That….Yan Song Daren….”

Lu Yi cut off Hu Zongxian’s words, from his sleeve, he took out a piece of paper and showed it to Hu Zongxian. 

“General Hu, do you know this person?”

“Luo Wenlong!”

Hu Zongxian recognized the person immediately. 

“Is he one of your subordinates?”

“A traitor. He used to help me get close to Xu Hai, then later went and joined the pirates.” Hu Zongxian said loudly, “This person hates me. I haven’t heard from him for a long time, why do you  have a drawing of him?”

Luo Wenlong’s status matched with Lu Yi’s prediction. Since Yan ShiFan was about to confront Hu Zongxian, he headed to find someone who was very familiar with Hu Zongxian, this was a good way to dig for evidence and use it for his plan. The important thing is that everyone can easily become under his control.

“To my knowledge, this person is currently working beside Yan ShiFan.” Lu Yi said. 

Hu Zongxian was stunned for a while, at the same time as if he had just woken up from a nightmare, his face displayed distress: “He’s working with Yan ShiFan? Did he incite Yan ShiFan to harm me? How powerful is the Yan Family? Is there really no way out for me?”

“General Hu, don’t forget, no matter how great the strength of the Yan Family, under the eyes of gods, they are the ones who decide our fates.” Lu Yi reminded him sincerely. 

Hu Zongxian couldn’t understand the meaning behind his words: “What do you mean by this?”

Lu Yi let out a loud laugh: “General Hu, calm down and think carefully, maybe this situation can turn things around for the better….That’s right, a few days ago, General Hu sent two ladies to Yan Yuan’s place, as well as several valuable chests, but I never touched any of them. If you have any free time, please send someone to bring them all back. Right now, with the current situation, if anyone sees this, it could become a big talk for the village, which won’t be good.” 

Previously Hu Zongxian sent beautiful women and other valuable things, his intention was to bribe Lu Yi, so that he would write good things about him in his report, but not that he thinks about it, if people find out about this, people will suspect Lu Yi of taking bribes and it could bring him big troubles at the end, he might even get sentenced to be beheaded, this is like hitting your leg with your own stone. Hu Zongxian replied: “I will immediately send someone to bring them all back.”

*[hitting your leg with your own stone = started out something but at the end bring yourself trouble/problems, TN]

“Thank you General Hu’s understanding, Yan Yuan will leave first.” Lu Yi raised his hands to salute Hu Zongxian and bid him farewell, he turned around and left. 

Xu Wei turned to say to Hu Zongxian: “I will escort Lu Daren out.”

After saying that, he quickly followed Lu Yi. 

Seeing Xu Wei follow from behind, Lu Yi slows down his steps so that both of them are walking side by side. 

“That’s right, the two ladies and all the gifts, make sure General Hu brings them all back.” Lu Yi said. 

Xu Wei nodded his head: “Yes, I apologize that this had put Lu Daren in a difficult position.”

“Yan Yuan is a little curious. A few years ago, my father invited you to come down from the mountain but you refused. How did General Hu manage to invite you?” Lu Yi asked Xu Wei. 

Xu Wei said: “I am from Shaoxing, and the two Zhejiang provinces are being robbed by pirates, how can I stand still and do nothing?”

Lu Yi smiled lightly: “You’re an honourable person, not easily bribed by wealth or titles, I am very impressed.”

“General Hu has been in Liangzhe Province for many years, he trained soldiers and horses, preparing them to fight against the pirates.” Xu Wei said, “I’m not only worried about General Hu’s position, but once his spot is replaced, the military and other things will definitely be changed. If that’s the case, how long will it be until we can control the pirates?”

Xu Wei stopped his steps, turned to face Lu Yi, bowed deeply to pay his respect for him. Lu Yi was about to stop him but he didn’t move. 

“This Xu Wei salute to you is not only for General Hu, but for the people of the two Zhejiang provinces.”

“Yan Yuan understands. I will try my best.”

Lu Yi held him up and answered in a low voice. 


After performing two treatments, A’Rui’s injuries have started to show some progress, although he is still unable to stand up but is able to eat by himself, which has made Cen Shou’s life much easier. 

Today, as usual, Mrs. Shen poked a needle at him, then she packed up her medical supplies and headed over to change Jinxia’s bandage. 

“How come the medicine you’re using today isn’t the same?” Jinxia said in surprise. 

Mrs. Shen smeared the medicine on her, then carefully wrapped up the bandage: “I add a special ingredient in the medicine, once the wound is healed, it won’t leave a scar.”

“My aunt is always so good to me.” Jinxia laughed. 

The uncle beggar casually walked over to them, yawned and said: “That’s right, before the sun rises, I had to go search for medicinal herbs, after looking in several places, I finally found it.”

“These are fresh herbs?!” Jinxia didn’t expect Mrs. Shen to ask the beggar uncle to go pick up medicinal herbs, in her heart, suddenly felt that this kindness was too much to accept, “Aunt, there’s no need for the trouble, my wound is not that bad, even if there’s a scar, no one will see it.”

Mrs. Shen tightened her eyebrows: “You are a girl, how can there be a scar? That’s right, this hand of yours….It is bitten by mosquitoes?”

Jinxia didn’t realize and unconsciously scratched her hands: “Uh, I am very easily bitten by mosquitoes. If I’m in the room, it works better than mosquito repellent plants. In LiuShanmen, people love to be around during the summer.”

Hearing her words, Mrs. Shen was slightly annoyed but she also chuckled, her eyes full of water and she said in a low voice: “…..Same as a brother?”

“Huh? Like who?” Jinxia said in surprise. 

Realizing that she didn’t understand, Mrs. Shen changed the topic and forced out a laugh: “It’s alright, I also met someone like this before. I will go pick some medicinal herbs, put them in a sachet, you can carry it around with you and can use it anytime.”

“I’m troubling you?”

“No trouble at all.”

Mrs. Shen stood up, turned her back on her and wiped the corners of her eyes, afterward, she quickly walked away. 

Jinxia sat motionlessly, she looked at Mrs. Shen’s shadow as it fades away. Afterward, she turned to look at the beggar uncle and said: “Uncle, my aunt is like a fairy, she’s so worked up about my mosquito bite!”

The beggar uncle felt a little strange: “The sun hasn’t even risen, she already made me go pick up some fresh herbs. Not only that, I also have to boil and cook them, there are so many things I have to do. I’ve never even done that much stuff for myself. You just have a small wound and it troubled me so much.”

“Uncle, are you jealous of me?” Jinxia looked at him suspiciously. 

“Yes, I’m jealous.” The beggar uncle admitted, “She’s only been around you for a short while, yet she’s always busy taking care of you, treating your wounds. We were supposed to take a walk to the lake but then she remembered you don’t have any proper clothes to wear, so she stopped by the fabric shop instead because she wants to make you a few outfits.”

Upon hearing his words, Jinxia was at a loss for words: “She….She wants to make me clothes?”

“You don’t think about yourself at all right?” The beggar uncle put on a blaming tone, “Your shoes are torn and you don’t even notice.” 

“It’s alright, Da Yang will fix my shoes later.”

Jinxia calmed him down, she wanted to say something but hesitated. Suddenly, she heard Cen Fu’s voice outside, which means Lu Yi had come home. Jinxia hurried, jumped down and ran out to look for him, leaving the beggar uncle alone in the room. He shook his head and sighed, “A woman is born and bound to leave her nest, this saying is not wrong in the slightest.” 

Lu Yi was giving orders to Cen Fu: “Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving for Cenggang, help me pack up my luggage. Since this is a battlefield, the less stuff the better.” 

“Why did Hu Zongxian agree to let you come into the battlefield?” 

Jinxia jumped out of nowhere and asked. 

“I proposed it. Going to the battlefield can help me understand the pirates’ situation.” Lu Yi answered her. 

Cen Shou walked out and greeted him: “Young Master is going to the battlefield? I will be coming along also?”

“No need. This battlefield isn’t like other places, only Cen Fu is fine. Tomorrow, you will take of Ms. Chun, escorting her to Xinhe City.” Lu Yi gave an order. 

Jinxia hurriedly asked: “What about me and Da Yang?”

“You go to Xinhe City as well, after a few days, I will meet you there.” After saying that, Lu Yi returned to the room and changed his clothes. 

Everyone quickly disbanded, Jinxia remained still at her spot, her eyebrows tightened, the beggar uncle came and nudged her: “You’re not willing eh?”

“Not willing, what?” Jinixia looked at him in surprise. 

“You don’t want my grandson to go.” 

Jinxia glared at him for a while, ignored him and walked to Lu Yi’s room. 

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  1. Excellent chapter. Thank you! Have been looking forward to this new chapter and you did not disappoint. Now will have to re-read everything over and over until next month when (hopefully) the next Chapter posts.


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